Translations and interpretations service cover all the industries and areas. We are the solid partner that help you go global!

  • Document translation for general business operations

  • Document translation for professional business operations

  • Website translation and video subtitles translation

  • Game translation and APP translation

  • Business meeting interpretation

  • Escort Interpretation

  • Other translation and interpretation services

Translation & Interpretation

Professional translators and interpreters accelerate your global business expansion.

La-Sheng’s translators and interpreters have accumulated rich experiences in diverse fields. They are able to solve language barriers for every projects. They help our clients communicate in multiple languages effectively and efficiently, and accelerate the speed of business.

Combined Experiences

10 years +


100 +


5 +

We always deliver outstanding services that our customers can count on.

Cross-Border communications made easy

La-Sheng’s translation and interpretation team help you translate the original text into your target language with high standard of quality. We accomplish every piece of work with patience and resilience for all industries.

Multi-discipline and multi-fields

Positively respond to all industries and different kinds of documents. Ensure the best quality for clients.

Research and Validation

Carefully verify and research on every word and details. Ensure the result we provide complies with fact and client’s need.

Multi-language speaking experts

Familiar with culture and language of many countries. Help your company go global and international.

365-days language service

365 Days Of Service – Go global and international with our clients quick and fast. Never lose a chance to grow.

La-Sheng’s professional translation and interpretation team help you enter the global market without hesitation!

Our expert team will solve the challenge and language barrier with your company together. We help you communicate in different languages and quickly cooperate with enterprises from different culture. We help you reach out to the world, cultivate localization and promoting globalization efficiently.

Contact us for customer support and solutions.

We offer comprehensive solutions for Startup companies, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Global companies!

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Other Services

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Sales & Marketing

Properly identify the market trend. Seize every chance to make a profit.

Legal Advisory Services

Understand local regulations and rules. Access and control legal risk management.

Language Learning & Corporate Training

Cultivate potential talent to quickly integrate into local market.