Properly identify the market trend. Seize every chance to make a profit and gain exposure!

  • Consulting on business strategy

  • Sales lead and partner network

  • Consulting on integrated marketing plan

  • Consulting on Online to Offline(O2O)digital channel strategy

  • Corporate marketing videos, product photos, factory introduction videos making and assistance

  • Corporate website design solutions and support

Sales & Marketing

Our experts help you improve the productivity and profitability of sales and marketing sectors, and turn the cost centers into revenue drivers.

La-Sheng’s expert team has a deep knowledge of the local market and area. They help our customers lower their cost and risk through market analysis and strategies. And they turn the data and information into insight, allowing our customers to maximize and optimize their revenue.

Combined Experiences

10 years +


100 +


5 +

We always deliver outstanding services that our customers can count on.

Partnership and skilled talents drive your sales and marketing strategy.

La-Sheng not only focus on analysis and data, but we also devote ourselves to driving the execution of strategy from the beginning for our clients. We ensure that our clients can have the ability to turn their expenses and costs into revenue.

Effective resource allocation and partnership

Utilize the powerful partner and skilled talents in our global network. Significantly improve the speed of project execution and delivery.

Experienced expert consultants and adaptive strategies

Our experts have practical experience in different roles and areas. Their entrepreneurial mindset help them deal with various pain points and obstacles with our clients from all industries.

Flexible thinking and creative ideas

We are not confined to the given answer, but always ponder on any possibility with flexibility and creativity. We encourage ourselves to help our clients exploit the new market.

Multi-language speaking experts

Familiar with culture and language of many countries. Help your company go global and international.

Redefine a whole new future for your company with La-Sheng!

A combination of data, resources, and talents, rapidly drive the transformation of business and encourage the expansion and growth of your market!

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We offer comprehensive solutions for Startup companies, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Global companies!

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Other Services

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Finance & Accounts

Offer suggestions and plan for financial operations. Improve capital structures and operating cash flows.

Legal Advisory Services

Understand local regulations and rules. Access and control legal risk management.

Translation & Interpretation

365 days of language services. Easily eliminate the language barrier.