Put legal compliance at your first priority. Properly manage risk and cost in your organization.

  • Consulting on local financial regulations and taxations rules

  • Consulting on labor laws and issues

  • Background check on customer and supplier

  • Drafting and reviewing Articles of incorporation and business contract

  • Consulting on strengthen protection of corporate, board of directors and shareholders equity

  • Consulting on corporate law and issues

  • Other legal advisory services

Legal Advisory Services

Legal advisory services for every company.

La-Sheng helps our clients understand all the necessary regulations and rule for entering global and Taiwan market. We help you manage risk assessment, identify active measures and strategies to common legal issues. We ensure your enterprises comply with legal regulations at all times.

We always deliver outstanding services that our customers can count on.

Minimize potential legal issues and risks.

Legal compliance is always the first priority for business operations. La-Sheng’s team manages diverse areas and we are empowered to troubleshoot inevitable issues for our customers in various industries and disciplines with our practical experiences.

Well-experienced across various industries

Quickly understand potential issues of clients and industries and increase the efficiency of communication.

Risk perception

Familiar with government regulations and rules of various locations. Manage risk perception and be well-prepared for customers.

Multi-language speaking experts

Familiar with culture and language of many countries. Help your company go global and international.

Integration of external and internal legal resources

Integrate external and internal legal partners. Provide immediate service toward distinct legal needs.

Always comply with government regulations and proposals. Go International with La-Sheng!

We provide legal advice and support on a wide range of corporate matters, ranging from single or complex taxation issues, labor issues, banking law. We help enterprises comply with the dynamically changing local regulations and rules when they grow big and go beyond local market.

Contact us for customer support and solutions.

We offer comprehensive solutions for Startup companies, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Global companies!

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Business Set-Up & Registration

Starting your business fast and easily. We walk with Startup Company through every important stage.

Finance & Accounts

Offer suggestions and plan for financial operations. Improve capital structures and operating cash flows.

Translation & Interpretation

365 days of language services. Easily eliminate the language barrier.