We provide a full range of customized solutions for your specific needs.

Business Set-Up & Registration

Setting up your business can be much easier and less stressful in La-Sheng. We help you with all the procedures and registrations you need.

Finance & Accounts

We offer custom finance and accounting services for companies to improve their financial structure and strengthen the competitiveness.

Sales & Marketing

We offer the most reliable solutions by integrating global resources from Online to Offline(O2O), virtual to real.

Legal Advisory

We help your companies understand legal requirements and obligations to ALWAYS comply with the regulations when entering global and Taiwan market.

Translation & Interpretation

Our professional translation and interpretation service cover all fields of expertise. We help your company remove the language barrier and minimize the communication cost.

Language Learning & Corporate Training

Our experienced teachers help you and your staff quickly adapt to the local environment, without worrying about the unfamiliar culture and languages.

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We offer comprehensive solutions for Startup companies, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Global companies!

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About Us

Our Professionals

Our team consists of experienced experts who have worked on projects in multiple disciplines. They can provide comprehensive and tailor-made solutions for your current needs and pain points with creativity, flexibility, and innovation.

  • Understand the Nature of Problem & Obstacles

  • Strategic Planning & Advisory Services

  • Resource Integration & Project Execution

  • Outcome Delivery

  • Customer Feedback & Case Closure

We offer various solutions for all kinds of business and industries.

Startup Company

We deal with all the procedures and registrations that a Startup company may need on their journey to success altogether. We help them comply with government’s regulations and tax rules, build up financial model and sales and marketing strategies. We are the best partner for Startup company!

Stress-Free Set up. From Zero to One.

Small and Medium Enterprise

We develop a tailor-made plan for all aspects of business operations. Companies need a more effective strategy and plan to fuel their business and future growth, and therefore, La-Sheng works with SME together and help them maintain the capabilities in competing with companies from all over the world.

Strategic Planning. Take the Lead.

Global Company

Global companies can still face challenges when entering into a new market even they have already expanded the business into a large scale. Our La-Sheng’s experts make valuable suggestions and proposals for single or complicated problems and obstacles, helping our customers accelerate their growth in international markets.

Fueling Business Growth. Successful Global Expansion.

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