Establish a strong financial foundation from the start. Enjoy the predictable path to profit.

  • Support on applying government awards, grants and loans for Startup and SME

  • Analysis on financial structure and consulting on financial statements

  • Planning and consulting on IPO and listing for domestic enterprises

  • Bookkeeping and accounting

  • Consulting on local taxation and management

  • Consulting on loan and financial structure

  • Other finance and accounting services

Finance and Accounts

Our finance and accounts experts help you adapt to the changing environment.

Finance and Accounts is the core function that lies at the heart of the company. La-Sheng helps startup company, SME, and global companies with their financial plan and analysis to strengthen the efficiency and management of working capital and cash flow.

Combined Experiences

15 years +


100 +


4 +

We always deliver outstanding services that our customers can count on.

Solutions for a diverse range of industries and business.

At La-Sheng, our financial and accounts team consists of highly skilled experts who are experienced, credible and knowledgeable. They can not only help enterprises fortify and establish their financial foundation in the early stage, but also help fast-growing companies adjust their financial plan, and eventually achieve the target of sustainable operation and development.

Well-experienced across various industries

Our experts come from various industries, fields, countries and locations. They possess deep and broad experience and knowledge.

Customized solutions and suggestions

Provide tailor-made financial solutions and suggestion for different needs and problems. Rapidly adapt to all kinds of financial and market change.

Multi-language speaking experts

Familiar with culture and language of many countries. Help your company go global and international.

Reliable consulting on working capital and business operations

Support on applying government grants and loan with reliable financial solutions and plan. Help you facilitate the control of business operations in all levels.

Firmly grasp the core of business operation with La-Sheng experts!

Build up a solid financial foundation is a must for Startup companies. La-sheng helps you design a financial plan for varied stages in your business operations, and lead you to the right path of growth and sustainability.

Contact us for customer support and solutions.

We offer comprehensive solutions for Startup companies, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Global companies!

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Other Services

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Business Set-Up & Registration

We walk with startup company through every important stage. Starting your business fast and easily.

Sales & Marketing

Properly identify the market trend. Seize every chance to make a profit.

Legal Advisory Services

Understand local regulations and rules. Access and control legal risk management.