What makes La-Sheng stand out from other consulting firm?

La-Sheng provides one-stop service to our clients; they can find all the necessary support at La-Sheng without the need to assign every single project to different companies like they did in the past. We offer a comprehensive and inclusive solutions to our clients, ranging from Business set-up and Registrations, Sales and Marketing Plan, Translation and Interpretation, to Language Learning and Training Support. We’ve got all the resources that our clients need!

Do I need to pay additional fee for advisory services? Usually how long does it take for consulting?

La-Sheng provides free consultation for the first time and usually it takes 1 to 3 hours for us to carefully listen to client’s needs. After getting the MOU from clients, we will offer the price list and charge based on the service range and required work.

If I am not an owner of a company, can I still use La-Sheng’s service?

Absolutely! La-Sheng not only provides services to enterprises, but we also provide services to anyone that need us. You can send us the request for the solutions you’d like to get, such as taxation suggestions, document translation, or language learning. We will flexibly offer solutions based on your needs.

If the service we need is not mentioned in your website, what should I do?

You can send us your request through our contact details or contact form. La-Sheng’s expert team consists of experts from multiple disciplines and are able to provide relevant expertise to your company’s challenges, so the questions and problem your company is facing can be positively responded.

How do La-Sheng charge the service?

We provide customized price offer and adjust the price term according to the services range and item our clients need. Please contact us for more information.

How long does it take for La-Sheng to deliver an outcome for a project?

It depends on how big and how complicated the project is. La-Sheng will discuss with clients about the start time, each milestone and case close time in advance. We will adjust the timeline for each project according to client’s need and the actual situation, for the purpose of delivering the outcome with best quality to our clients.

Our company wants to go global, but it’s difficult for us to send our people to local market to complete the task under pandemic conditions. Is it possible that La-Sheng help us accomplish the preparation and execution of work at the early stage and later stage?

Absolutely! One of La-Sheng’s strength is we effectively integrate our global partner and resources. We have deployed many experienced and skilled partners in different areas to help our clients. Therefore, we can arrange and establish a workable solution to execute local tasks for our clients based on their current needs and situation.

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