Business set-up and registration solutions for Startup, SME, and global companies.

  • Business registrations and set-up for all types of company

  • Change, cancellations, suspensions, or resumptions for all kinds of business registrations

  • Registration for capital reductions and increase

  • Registrations for Mergers and Acquisitions, asset acquisitions, or share exchange

  • Workspaces and Virtual office solutions

  • Offshore company registration

Business Set-Up & Registration

Our expert team helps you complete all the set-up processes in half the time with half the effort.

We help our clients understand related laws and regulations from the beginning. We deal with all the necessary details with them, make sure that the application go with success, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Combined Experiences

15 years

Successful Cases

100 +


4 +

We always deliver outstanding services that our customers can count on.

La-Sheng take care of all the processes for you.

La-Sheng’s team is familiar with government and public resources. We have deep knowledge in the field of business set-up and registrations that all kinds of enterprises might need. We help our clients step out for success with a determined mindset.

Make good use of government resources and comply with regulations and requirement at all times. Business set-up and registration is no longer a pain for you.

Multi-language speaking experts

Familiar with culture and language of many countries. Help your company go global and international.

Advice on loan and working capital plan

We help our clients apply for government grants and loan with our professional loan and working capital plan, ensure a solid foundation for their business operations.

Data protection

La-Sheng protect your data through our enterprise data protection measure. You don’t need to worry about enterprise data leakage or confidential data leakage.

Realize your dream with La-Sheng within a short time!

Setting a new company can be hard at the beginning, but with La-Sheng’s professional assistance and analysis, your company can save unnecessary time and costs and step out for your success now!

Contact us for customer support and solutions.

We offer comprehensive solutions for Startup companies, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Global companies!

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Finance & Accounts

Offer suggestions and plan for financial operations. Improve capital structures and operating cash flows.

Sales & Marketing

Properly identify the market trend. Seize every chance to make a profit.

Legal Advisory Services

Understand local regulations and rules. Access and control legal risk management.