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Dana Johnson Accountant

Our Vision

We are committed to improving every aspect of the business operations for companies that are on their way to be incubated and grow, by providing a comprehensive one-stop service. We are determined to be the most supportive and reliable partner of our customers.

“We will eventually become the most inspiring and valuable global management consulting firm.”

Co-Founder of La Sheng Company Limited, Annie Chang

Our Mission

Our Mission

We incubate, We accelarate, We lead.

  • We strengthen the connections between Taiwan and the World.
  • We lead enterprises to new businesses and partners.
  • We help customers consolidate a solid market position to achieve success.

We always deliver outstanding services that our customers can count on.

Our Core Values

Our core values define our culture and our people, and they outline the approach we believe should be taken towards our business operations.

Our values are Integration, Focus, Trustworthy, and Excellence. We live by these four values to enhance the connection between resources and talents, to accommodate our customers’ needs with our best effort, and to create the synergy for business operations and growth.


Integration of global resources and partners


Focus on customer needs and pain points


Keep promises and ensure information transparency


Talent cultivation for sustainable management

Our Management Team

Annie Chang


Nuta Chen


Patrix Quek



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